Wondering if anyone has any experience with doing a big upgrade jump, particularly with regards to battery life?
I got my 4s a year ago and jailbroke and decked it out with tweaks. Battery life was crap (i could watch the battery drop while using it.) And yes I know all about every battery saving technique out there. Anyway i blamed the phone and sprint gave me a new one because it was within 14 days. Same drain on the new one. Restored to stock and battery was fine .
I would rather not have an iphone than have a stock one though..

Anyway I'm still running 5.0.1 and I'm wondering if upgrading to iOS 6 or 6.1 would improve jailbroken battery life?
PS I've learned to manage my battery life somewhat but under heavy usage I still cant make it through a day with one charge which is annoying AF!