I bought an iPhone 4s on Virgin Mobile last week on opening day. I use Google Voice for personal and business things, but I don't like using their voicemail service. The Google Voice app for iOS kinda sucks, and I would much rather use the iPhone's visual voicemail.

I'm jailbroken, and have GVoice SMS installed so I can use my Voice number for SMS, and I have call forwarding set up the way I like it, but I cannot seem to figure out how to disable their voicemail service. I've done lots of Googling but there isn't much info on the Virgin iPhones yet. Apparently not many people are buying them.

In the Google Voice settings there is an option to disable it, and it says to dial *38, but that doesn't work on my phone Google sees my number as a Sprint number(since Virgin operates under Sprint) but the *38 code doesn't work on Virgin. Anyone have any ideas? Any help appreciated.