I fix and replace several iphone screens a day. Ocassionally I will run into a problem where the camera will freeze when the button is pressed to switch camera. I've done alot of research on this problem and figured out that the main problem is the front camera that's having the issue because it only freezes when the switch button is pressed.

I check the front cable ribbon and noticed that the ribbon cable was pinched so i swapped my front camera. My front camera works now and my back camera doesn't work. I also installed a new back camera and the back camera now automaticaly freezes when i open the camera app even after i reset all settings.

Can someone let me know exactly where on the iphone 4 cdma verizon motherboard is the connection that needs to be soldered back together for the back camera. I see pictures for the iphone 4 at&t gsm model of 2 contact points that cause this issue but I can't find any pics on the verizon iphone.