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Thread: Battery?

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    ---Double Tap on the Home button to make sure no applications are running at the same time, to close these applications you have to hold one of them down until all of them start shaking and then it will have a minus sign for you to press to exit it.

    ---The way you will know if its a software or a hardware glitch is if you preform a back up and a restore on the computer. Backing up is not when you simply connect the phone to itunes and it says "syncing, backing up"

    ----A back up is when you save EVERYTHING that is on your phone onto your COMPUTER, to make sure we have everything there.

    ---How to Back up:
    --Connect phone to itunes, make sure you have the latest version of itunes!!
    --When it shows up on the left side under devices click on it to highlight it, and then right click on it, and select "TRANSFER PURCHASES" that way it transfers your APPS&MUSIC to iTunes. (windows computer)--for a ControL click on device.

    ---Now I never trust itunes with pictures save them onto your computer. Windows: Start, >> Computer>>your device>click on all folders until you see your pictures>>create a new folder on the right side of that screen or on the desktop>>drag all your pictures to that new folder you just created.

    ---Now go back to iTunes. and higlight device again, and right click and click on "Back-Up" This saves your CONTACTS,CALENDARS,EMAILS, &NOTES.

    ---Ask to Restore phone as a new device. And if the issue persisits if your battery keeps dying, its hardware, and if you still have warranty on phone with Apple it will be free, if you dont $79 plus tax. But since the phone is jailbroken, your warranty is already expired, so $199 for a new or refurbished phone, or $79 plus tax for just the battery.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sandman2 View Post
    Without a data plan it may be trying to conect to 3G that you do not subscribe to... That would be my guess, try turning data and 3g off in sbsettings. Sounds like your making progress!
    Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking. Tonight I'm just gonna try disabling 3G and see what that does.

    Quote Originally Posted by HellKatzX View Post
    If you're JB try an app called switcherplus. You press the home button 3 times and u can close all apps running in the background. Seems to help my battery life substantially.
    Yeah I have switcherplus with the close all prior thing on, but apps running in the background doesn't seem to be the problem. I had like 15 apps running the night I used airplane mode and my battery didn't drain any. My guess is what sandman2 said.

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