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Thread: The Factor or Pricing

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    Default The Factor or Pricing
    I ask this because I have seen so many threads here and there asking "So are YOU switching to Verizon?" when they haven't even announced PRICING for the plans yet!! That totally blows my mind; plan price is the #1 factor to me when it comes to a cell carrier, and yet others seem unfazed, no matter what it turns out to be.

    Personally, if their pricing is identical to AT&T's, I think they blew it already. This is their ONE chance to get a huge one-up on AT&T, and if that last $5 every month keeps them from doing that, they need a better business strategy.

    "Would you like AT&T, with slightly faster internet but less coverage, or Verizon with slightly slower internee with better coverage for $5 less?"

    Also, there's the matter of tethering. I vow to never in my life pay a single tethering fee, no matter what terms of usage I might break (I'll take it to MFing court if I have to, my bits are my bits), and there's no reason VZW can't spread their free Palm Pre hotspot feature with the iPhone.

    Point is: yeah, it's great that people have a choice between carriers now, and they can choose which network is best for them. But to really give AT&T a kick in the pants, they have to give existing AT&T customers a good reason to switch by pricing aggressively.

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    Honestly, I don't think they're trying to beat AT&T on pricing. As the top two American providers, AT&T and Verizon have similar and slightly higher rates than Sprint and T-Moboile. The big deal about the Verizon iPhone isn't really about AT&T users who are waiting to switch (many of whom are probably under EFTs anyway), but rather about people who are stuck on Verizon for whatever reason, who are now finally able to use an iPhone. People looking to save a few bucks are probably already using T-Mobile (and are probably more likely to switch to Verizon then AT&T users). In competitive markets AT&T will be offering a better experience anyway (V+D and 4 Mb speed), so at the same price, most people using a Verizon iPhone will have a reason other than price for doing so.
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    I bet it will the same or more not cheaper

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