I have an iPhone 4 running on 6.1 and I use Groundwire, Talkatone, and TextFree/Pinger for phone calls.

Groundwire is my main app that I use that works great, but sometimes on certain WiFI, routers block the incoming UDP so I get no other-party audio, so I use Talkatone which has Firewall tricks that fix this.

Then TextFree/Pinger is just kind of a backup that I use for texting and they just added phone calls not that long ago.

The issue is, every time I boot my phone, all 3 apps start, so when somebody calls me, I got 3 apps going crazy.

Is there a way that by default only Groundwire could run and the other 2 not (so I can switch if necessary), because I only want to use one app at a time but all 3 keep starting automatically.

Right now, I miss a lot of calls and have to call the person back due to all 3 going off, it's like the iPhone gets all confused and the call doesn't answer right no matter which one I try to answer with, LoL.