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Thread: Iphone 3gs Blew an Smd Component Does Anybody Know What it is? Not Charging

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    Default Iphone 3gs Blew an Smd Component Does Anybody Know What it is? Not Charging
    Hi everyone. I realize this is really not a hardware related forum but most of you I am sure deal/have dealt with hardware issues in your iphones. Now I have a bit of a problem. This is an iphone 3gs and it will not turn on with usb charger, only a wall charger. I have narrowed it down to these components in the picture. Item 1 is hard to see but that white color is not how it is supposed to look. This is white smoke burnt onto it, so this component is fried. I Dont know what it is though because I cant read it with the smoke burnt on it. The item number 2 in the picture looks to be a burnt resistor or capacitor. I was wondering if any of you with spare motherboards would be kind enough to put a multimeter on this and see what it reads so that I may purchase accordingly. Item number 2 might just have some black epoxy on it because it is next to it on the motherboard and on the side of the chip right by it. That is why I would like to measure it with a multimeter and see what it compares to with a measurement that somebody with a spare board might be able to get. Any help or suggestions besides buying a new mobo would be greatly appreciated. I can buy a new motherboard or even a new iphone but where is the fun in that.
    Thanks guys. burnt smd points.jpg

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    Searching Google Images for "iphone 3gs teardown", the pics I've found show your part #2 is definitely a capacitor. I don't think any readings from a multimeter will be useful because in-circuit readings of capacitance are unlikely to be accurate. Actually, the same could be said of resistors if it's in parallel with other components.

    It's harder to ID part #1. The power management section on your phone is slightly different than the ones on Google Images. Yours has an extra IC next to the burned part where the Google ones don't. Your phone might be a newer revision. On the pics I've found, where your burned part is, there are 2 identical-looking parts. If yours is similar, it should match the part next to it. Totally just a guess, but the Google pics it looks like that part might be a very small encapsulated inductor.

    I hate to be discouraging, but there is a good chance the PMIC is fried. Generally, fried ceramic capacitors are caused by a more severe problem.

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    Thanks for the reply. I have a rework station, but do you know where I could buy the stencil needed for the PMIC?

    EDIT: I cant seem to even find the pmic for a decent price. The one website i did see was listed at over $80. What a joke thats more than the phone is even worth. Anybody have any leads on this?
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    Sorry, can't help you with the stencil. I don't have a rework station, kind of always wanted one, but like you found out, lots of SMD parts are made of unobtanium.

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