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Thread: Company exchange email account setup forced phone to have 6-digit passcode and autolock

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    Default Company exchange email account setup forced phone to have 6-digit passcode and autolock
    While setting up my new company's exchange email account on my phone, it forced me to select a 6-digit passcode. It now does not allow me to enable the simple passcode (4 digits) and it also has forced autolock to be enabled, and the "never" option is not present for selection.

    I have not jailbroken my 5 yet, and have debated even doing it - however if there is a way to bypass this ********, I will definitely jailbreak immediately. So, is there a way to bypass this and get back to being able to enable a simple passcode and not having the phone autolock?



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    My GUESS is that ur company is pushing some sort of policy...not sure a JB can get around that...

    Would also depend on what ios u have currently....if u have 6.1.2-6.0 u can JB..6.1.3 cannot...

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    I pick up work emails on my iP5 and we use Exchange too

    I think as a security feature you have to have the passcode lock on when using Exchange (although I only have to have a 4 digit PIN so guess that's down to your IT adding the 6 digit)

    I use Cleverpin - so when I am at home/office the passcode isn't needed

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    I use exchange for my work emails an my pharma company doesn't enforce this. Can you contact them and ask them can they change it?

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    There is really no way around this. If your company is using a mobile device management (MDM) server, you will not be able to disable this.

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    Thanks for the feedback and information on MDM - looks like I'm stuck with it. I appreciate you guys taking the time to reply.

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    Hope is not lost. If you jailbreak your iPhone you can get ExchangePolicyCleaner from Cydia. It neutralizes the exchange policy list that your phone downloads when it signs onto an exchange email account.

    ExchangePolicyCleaner | Best Cydia Tweaks

    I also have an exchange account but I haven't used this app from Cydia. But that's because I'm not required to have this exchange account if I don't want it so I just deactivate it in settings. I don't delete it. When I want to use my iPhone to check email in that account, I just turn it back on in settings, check email, and then turn it back off.

    Every time you turn the account on, the exchange policy list is downloaded and the settings take effect. When you turn the account back off, (or delete it), the settings should be restored.

    There are many settings the exchange policy list can control on one's phone depending on how the IT manager writes the exchange policy list. For more info Google "exchange policy list IOS."

    You may wish to understand your companies policy on using jailbroken devices or circumventing their security parameters. Most companies require pass codes that keep the phone secure to minimize the chance of someone hacking into their system using a stolen phone from an employee. In some cases, employees can be reprimanded, disciplined, or fired for doing that. In cases of government security the penalties can be steep.

    My company is pretty light on their policy but even still, it's not worth it to me so I just turn off the email account in settings to keep the functionality I want for my iPhone. Nice and legal. A bit of a pain in the *** though.

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