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Thread: Is this a keyboard bug?

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    I tried everything (removing all suspected tweaks) and nothing worked. Restoring (now that 6.1.3 is out and the signing window on 6.1.2 has closed) isn't an option and even if it were, I'd be concerned the issue would come back, since we don't know the cause.

    In any case, I just managed to fix it.

    Go to Cydia and install Flex (if you don't already have it, it's worth it. Powerful, extensive utility for tweaking ALL sorts of things.)

    Go into Flex, and under Springboard, install "Fullscreen Apps (iPhone 5.)" Then be sure to tap the checkmark to enable it... and reboot.

    Now test by going to Photos, sharing a picture via email... you'll see the keyboard is no longer positioned in the middle of the screen! Huzzah!

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    You tested it ?

    Because a 4$, i want to be sure before testimg....

    Thank you

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    Yes, tested and confirmed to be working here. And this is the first time ANYTHING has fixed it for me... such a relief!

    There are reports that this workaround/fix causes some other apps (Cydia, Twitter, more?) to "shrink" to 1/4 screen after a reboot. Hasn't happened to me, but others report it.

    Anyway, disabling it in Flex, respringing, then enabling it (and respringing it again) fixes that, every time. So this isn't a perfect fix, but more like a temporary workaround -- but I'm certainly happy with it for now, until something better comes along (especially since everyone has been stumped over it for weeks now.)

    Even without this tweak BTW, Flex is well worth the $4. It has so many other little extras for nearly all the other apps out there! Enables easter eggs, landscape orientation, removes ads, etc.
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    I just bought it and install the tweak. Everything is working perfectly. Mail, message and iBlacklist.


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    $4....... i guess i'll have to save that somewhere else in life.....

    sounds like it's worth not having to mess with all this again.

    THANK YOU.... Flex - Springboard - Fullscreen Apps (iPhone 5.) works!
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