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Thread: Light turned ON while in lockscreen duration

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    Default Light turned ON while in lockscreen duration
    Guys, i just want to know, is there a way to change the length of time the light being ON while in lockscreen?

    - like when i press home screen just to see the clock time, it takes mores than 2 minutes before turning OFF

    - like if i receive notification in the lockscreen and just ignore the phone when youre busy

    Is there such way to change it? it consumes battery you know..

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    why dont you just set it to Autolock in 1 minute

    Unless I'm misunderstanding your explanation..

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    even i dont set autolock, i try to restore and lights go off in less than 30 seconds. im not sure if its because of a tweak or the theme.. now, im avoiding JB because everytime i do, i, having another problems, rebooting is not ok, when turning ON, (sometimes) apple logo, disappears, apple logo and opens, but sometimes more worse and it takes long time to reboot.. and another one, my phone hangs, on springboard or even in the lockscreen, then it will respring by its own.. ios 6.1.2, on evasion 1.4..

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    Search Cydia for "20 second lockscreen". App is configurable from 20 seconds upwards in settings.

    Re your other problems a full clean restore in DFU mode and manual step by step reinstallation of cydia packages.

    However before you do that download CrashReporter from Cydia (and the additional packages it asks you to install) and run it and have a look at Springboard crashes and most likely cause.

    Hope that helps.

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    well try it without the jailbreak and see if the issue persists...

    if it does, it may be some hardware issue

    if it only occurs with the jailbreak, you're going to have to do a trial-and-error for the tweaks...

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    i tried to restore again and observe, less than 30 seconds, lights off.. and when i tried JB again, it comes back again.. im just fresh JB with evasion version 1.5, i only have springtomize 2 (purchased), ncsettings, killbackground, lockscreen clock hide, 20 second lockscreen (which doesnt work), applist.. so, its definitely not a hardware issue, and its surely JB issue, but dont know yet what exactly is causing it tried removing the tweaks one by one and observe, seems like the duration is 1 minute. am i the only one?

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