First off, I'm going to say, I'm still running 5.1.1 and accepted the fact that auto location is never going to be updated for the forseeable future, that being said, my first question.

I have been searching/reading about the 4s location services and have learned that it is a combination of cell tower triangulation with satellite gps as well, because just satellite alone is slower, the question is, is there a way to use just the old fashioned, less accurate, cell tower triangulation for local weather (for use with weather widgets) to use just to know what city I'm in or near, instead of exact location?
My second question, if the first question is actually possible, will it improve battery life compared to using location services all the time?

My thinking is that it may be a way to improve battery life by using the old fashioned cell tower triangulation to get a "reasonable" location fast and easy without using more battery for gps service running, since the phone communicates with cell towers anyway. Please give me some thoughts on this...