Hello, fellow iPhone users. I hope all is well.

Out of all the changes to the default music player app on iOS, I've noticed a small, but somewhat obnoxious change that I would like to address.

Previously, on iOS 5, whenever I press the "Rewind" button, "Forward" button, or when I scrub throughout a song, the audio plays seamlessly and it would also scrub seamlessly.

Now, on the iOS 6, whenever I scrub through a song or press the aforementioned buttons, there is a brief pause before the app scrubs through the song.

Like I mentioned, it is a small change, but it is VERY obnoxious and sometimes take me out of a "groove" whenever I want to play back a section of a song numerously.

Is this "error" only relative to my own iPhone (I own an iPhone 4) or are others experiencing this as well? If so, is there a fix to this?

Have a good day.