So I am a noobie tinkerer with my iPhone. I like to create custom everything and the way I do it is by downloading a theme from Cydia and basically just replacing the files from that theme with my files. I'm not sure if this is the proper way but I find it really easy and pretty safe (I'm always afraid I'll screw everything up). Anyway, I made a dock for my iPhone 5 (it was difficult to even find a theme with a working dock mod) but I have a problem. I want the dock icons to appear ON the dock, but they are appearing just above it. I tried adjusting the placement of the dock but it just moved the dock icons up (to stay right above it) and even scrunched the non-docked icons upwards. How can I get my dock icons to appear ON my dock image, rather than above it?

Thanks for your time to help a noobie out.