My iPhone 4 is on ios 6.0.1 and everytime i try to turn it on it will always stay on apple logo , It worked fine after my phone was completely finished jailbroken from Redsn0w program with the ios 6.0 . Cydia was install perfectly and all that . I installed a few other programs from cydia such as siri etc. Now when i turn it on , it gets stuck on the apple screen logo .

I am able to successfully load the ios 6.0 from latest Redsn0w with the "Just Boot" And it turns on and works perfectly fine . But when i wanna restart my phone , it get stucks on the apple logo . Is there a fix to this ? My computer says the phone is perfectly connected to the computer and i'm able to view files and such . So i know it still loads up , just stays suck on apple logo . Is there any fix to this ?