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Thread: iPhone 5 or Galaxy SIII

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    Default iPhone 5 or Galaxy SIII
    Random question I know but one I want to ask.

    I have been a part of the iPhone community for years now and thought I would never ask this question as I have always loved my iPhone.

    But with the lack of a Jailbreak for the iPhone 5 I am considering getting a SIII. So I would like some serious input.

    1. Can you mod the SIII I.e change icons and make it look cool ?
    2. Where do you get SIII apps and what are they like in comparison to iTunes
    3. Advantages and disadvantages of SIII against iPhone 5

    I would like some serious opinions and not just iPhone 5 is great as this is a iPhone forum, as I have said I am a serious Apple fan but is it time for a change ???

    Thanks guys
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    Must admit i have no experience with android phones, and this question would likely be better asked in an android forum (not trolling or being a fanboy btw). From what I know android handsets can be rooted so you can modify quite a bit on them. You should hold off until this weekend as the iOS 6 jailbreak may be released...

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    iPhone is easier to use. Other than that its up to you.

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    If you like the iPhone, you will love the s3. Just think, all the same ability to customize, but never having to wait for a JB. Ahhhhh heaven.

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    I have both as we speak. Love the s3 but don't know if I can stick with it. Couldn't leave Mmi like that. But i do like the phone alot. Haven't rooted it yet. But working on that as we speak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docmagoo2 View Post
    You should hold off until this weekend as the iOS 6 jailbreak may be released...
    Probably need to have a 5 ideally now and updated to 6.1 or very soon as no doubt Apple will patch the exploits as soon as possible once the JB drops and that will be the JB gone most likely for iOS 6.

    I think the 5 is amazing...have had both a 4 and am still using my 4S. Ppl that think it's not much of an upgrade are sorely mistaken in my opinion.

    Couldn't comment on the S3, the S4 is only a few months away so would it be worth waiting for that? As an iOS user and hearing/reading the feedback received about the disappointment that the 5 was I'm expecting huge things from the S4. I don't know anyone of my friends that have an S3 tho as it is...weird...

    It may come down to your device eco system too. I have an iPad and Mac so they get along so to speak. I don't know it just works.

    Just my thoughts!
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    I bought a S3 and tried for a couple weeks sold it and went back to my iphone 5, I hated android, very clumsy OS, mine was VERY laggy (brand new tried a fresh restore) People say that is not typical, I was just glad to get back to my iphone LOL

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    It actually really depends on yourself for which one is 'better'. A lot of people out there claim that the iPhone 5 is crap and the S3 has way better specs and stuff than the iPhone 5. Well maybe that may be true. I'm not too sure but yeah, tbh, S3 would be easier to file mod it is androiid based so it can easier controlled via PC as well.
    iPhone 5 runs on iOS which is a much easier way to control. Less things to get screwed up and easier to play with.

    EDIT: sorry I didn't really read your questions man, on the forum app do yeah :L
    'where do you get the s3 apps?'
    Well there's an androiid market were you can download games which I believe you would need to have a Google Account.
    Or you could download APK files from websites off the web and copy and paste the files into their correct folders when you're doing this on the computer.

    Well, that's my opinion and I currently have an iPhone so yeah

    1st post done. Haha

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    Note 2
    Nuff said

    why isuffer with all the ilimitations

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    I'll just wait till they put the phone option on the iPad mini. That's when I want to hold something that big next to my head.

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