I hope I can get help here !!!

I have several jailbroken ios-devices and I have noticed that generally after installing a number of cydia tweaks the scrolling wheel within an appstore app (I mean the wheel typical to ios applications with which you can choose values, options, etc. - pictures can be found here: scroll wheel ios - Google-Suche) always becomes quite imprecise. Very often I cannot chose a value in the middle of the wheel. Usually only the value at the beginning of the wheel or at the end of the wheel I can select.

Once I go into Safemode (so disabling all mobilesubstrate tweaks) the scrolling wheel works normal. I.e. I can select every single value of the wheel. This phenomenon happens in almost every appstore app which features such a wheel.

Does anyone have the same problem, or better, does anyone have a solution for it ??? Maybe there is a tweak (which I don't know yet) with which the problem can be solved. But it is a really annoying thing.


Best regards