Hi, so I my iPhone 4 fell out of my lap while I was sitting down a few months ago, and a line crack showed up on the front. I can feel the crack from the outside and everything works fine. Also everything shows up fine if I were looking through the crack, and I can rarely notice it at times.

I'm finally looking into replacing it, so I checked out some digitizers on ebay and discovered the "Front Glass LCD" part. The digitizer is $30+ and the front glass lcd is only about $5 included with tools to open my phone up with.

I took a few pictures so I'm wondering which one I actually need, and also which one you think I should buy, because idk if it would be harder to just replace the glass or the entire front screen.


Font Glass LCD: New Replacement LCD Front Screen Glass Lens for iPhone 4 4G White Tools | eBay

Digitizer + LCD display: 1pcs Replacement Touch Screen Digitizer LCD Display Assembly for iPhone 4 4G | eBay