Hi guys,

I'm really in need of some help over here.

I've owned an iphone 4 for about a year now, i originally jailbroken it on 4.3.3 and stayed there since. Later on, i've unlocked it by ATT customer care center.

Everything was working nice and fine, untill one day, i connected to a friend's wifi, where i can't seem to recieve any push notifications at all, never, and where also, i get blank emails by the dozen, it's a huawei router, so it surely sucks.

Anyhow, if i connect to my house wifi, push notifications work fine, and mail app too. But i lost the ability to connect to 3G or edge Networks, anywhere.

I actually see the bars coming down from 5 to 3 when i switch from 3g to edge, but no app will be able to connect.

I havent installed any apps that would mess with my network configuration lately, and since a long time before this error ocurred.

I tried reseting my network settings, no good.

I have SystemLog app installed and searching i've found this:

Error (60) activating PDP context 0 that supports types 1: kGprsServiceOptionNotSuscribed

I'm using the phone in argentina, my carrier being movistar.

Calling my company's tech support is not an option, they are all a bunch of apes who hung the phone whenever you are asking them anything they don't previously have done, like activating new lines.

I was considering upgrading to 5.1.1, but a major letdown is not having offline maps support, and don't knowing if that would actually solve my issue. so maybe restoring again a 4.3.3 ipsw ? A restore with itunes would restore any previous plist files related to connectivity that could have been corrupted ?

Could it be a problem with my carrier ?

Any answer will be appreciated, thanks in advance and correct any misspellings you find, i'm argentinian.