Good day all.
I stumbled upon some really nasty issuee these days.
My iPhone 3G is giving me a bad time. The iOS is 4.2.1
Apps are all crushing all the time. When I try to open them they just flash for a second and that's all.
That happened few days ago and I thought It was because Apple no longer have support for that old version of the iPhone. However, now even Cydia won't load and I'm really getting sick and tired of trying to upload any other app.
I was thinking of upgrading to 4.3, because if not I cannot install or use any apps. I went trough many pages of info and they all say I can't upgrade to 4.3. Now is this really the truth? Is it possible to upgrade? And if that's not the case how can i fix the problems I have now?
I'll be grateful for any help I can get.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Have a good day.
Kind regards,