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Thread: Cannot Restore to 6.0 from Jailbroke 5.1.1 in DFU Error (-1) [some hardware issues]

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    Default Cannot Restore to 6.0 from Jailbroke 5.1.1 in DFU Error (-1) [some hardware issues]
    I have a few issues here that i hope I at least answer some if not all of them.

    I recently bought a 4S from a friend. I had it less than a day and the dreaded power button sticking down happened. I am no stranger to fixing iPhones and thought it was worth opening it up. I soon realized when I got it to power button/Flex cable that it needed a new Proximity flex cable. I found a guy locally that had them and he said for another $30 he will install it. I said "sure, why not". He successfully got the cable in and the power button fixed but he said the digitizer cable must have been damaged (can't figure out if me or him). So he gave me one at cost and put a new screen in. On the drive home I noticed there was no sound coming out the speaker (by mic). No sounds at all. So I called him back but not after I popped the cover off to look and see if there was a visible problem. Sure enough I saw he pinched the small antenna wire on the stand off for the battery plug cover. I told him this and he said I have one - come in and he will fix it. So I went there. I finally got the sound working but the antenna has ZERO bars. Him and I worked on it for 2 hours. I never got the signal back and the sound stopped working again. I also noticed as I swapped my SIM back and forth from it to my old phone (4) to the 4S, it never said "No SIM" when I took it out like my 4 does.

    Any ideas. The -1 error said there is a hardware issue with the phone. How deep do I want to look? I will not drop another dime in the phone. How much is the techs fault?

    EDIT: I should add, the damaged antenna wire was definitely grounded to the motherboard from being pinched. Could he have shorted it out? Also, after he repaired the power button he was never able to get the proximity sensor working. So, again, his fault, right?

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    it is not quite sure what caused it...

    all we can really do is postulate..

    1. it could be the fact since the antenna wire was grounded to the motherboard, it may have short circuited the motherboard as mentioned
    2. the antenna cable does not have enough contact with the connection

    i would say to bring it back to him, full dissemble the phone, check every connection cable and replace any bad ones with bad contacts, then reassemble and see whats going on

    does the guy at least have a damage coverage?

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