Latest news has reported that iPhone 5 back aluminium material exist a big problem, back of which can get scratches easily, especially on black version it is obvious.The same thing occured on my iPhone 4, too. Mine have scratches on the side of right frame and left corner beside proximity on the front. Because I never add a case like most of apple users, this result in my regret a little. Reference to iPhone 5, the aluminium back looks easily to be damage, this time, I need to add a protection cover no matter silicon or plastic, whatever to protect my device. These cases looks quite nice. Some people say no need of wearing a cloth for iPhone, do you want to see a brand new iPhone 4 when you purchase a new iPhone 5 two years later? Use it normally and donít waste money on protect iPhone from scratches, compared with new iPhone 5, newer iPhone 4 is still iPhone 4. What does that ******* mean? Nothing. But that is only to prevent scratches, if it dropped down, that is a big disaster really. So a case is still in need.
Prepare a case for yours or naked still ?