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Thread: need some help please

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    Default need some help please
    it was raining hard last week while i was out running i got soaked with that being sad my iphone 4 got soaked i noticed by the time i got home it was dead so i got in the door un screwed the screws took battery out and sim card and put my iphone into a bag of rice for about 5 days figuring that was enough time i put the battery back in noticed it still wouldnt turn on tried to plug it up in the wall and it turned out and said connect to itunes after i entered my pass code i took it up to the local att store and they told me it was the battery and it would cost $200 to replace so i went home ordered a new battery when that came in i swapped the 2 batterys out phone turned on i let it charge up to 100% and did a factory reset via itunes unpluged the phone and noticed it went down 2% per min and died on me and started doing the itunes thing again. Any help with this problem on how to fix it thanks in advance

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    I have gotten my iPhone 4 wet (like dropped in the tub fully submerged) and I have NEVER taken it apart. I just put it in the bag of rice for 24 to 48 hours and its always been good to go. My guess would be that maybe you got a bad battery.
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    Hi, if you are unlucky you have some water damaged parts draining the battery. However, check for corrosion around the circuit boards, and if you see any, disconnect the battery, get a small paint brush, dip it in WD40 and give it a brush then dry it off with a hair dryer. The rice trick is good, but takes a long time allowing corrosion to set in. I prefer to remove the battery, shake most of the water off, use a hair dryer on it and then sticking it in a fan assisted oven at 50C / 120F for an hour as this aids evaporation in the areas you can not see (don't put the battery in the oven!)

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    Get 99% Isopropyl alcohol and clean the internals of your phone as well as the battery. Water leaves behind mineral residue, which in turn leads to corrosion. To prevent this, wipe down your iPhone parts except for the screen, with iso alcohol.

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