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Thread: Tweak idea!

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    Default Tweak idea!
    How about a tweak that hides the notification center behind your lockscreen. So when u slide the camera grabber up, you see your NC center, not camera app... I don't use camera. And I find other tweaks interfere when activating NC center on lockscreen with the swipe down option. Like I have slide right for messages plus...
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    You can use NoLockNotificationsBG for the first part, not sure about the second part of that question though. You can find the review here: Apple, iPhone and iPad News | ModMyi - [Review] Disable the Lock Screen Notifications Background With NoLockNotificationsBG!

    For the part about tweaks intefering, just reassign their gestures with Activator. It gets kinda screwy when you have multiple tweaks assigned to the same gesture...
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    I am pretty used to my activator assignments. And maybe my request wasn't detailed enough. I just wanted a tweak in with the actual notification center is behind. Where I can access NC widgets. So u slide the camera grabber and presto your NC center is there. Kind of how zephyr works to close apps.

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    Oh I see what you're saying. It's very well possible, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing for that. You could ask a developer about it though, I can say that it can definetly be done.
    I will no longer be very active here anymore due to a variety of reasons.

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    Very nice! Now I just gotta find a developer. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by butler007 View Post
    There's already a tweak which allows you to change the camera grabber so it opens up a different app, called grabberapp i think. But it's probably possible for you (or someone!) to edit how this works so instead of a new app, the NC is displayed
    Funny you say that!!! I already emailed the developer of that tweak with the idea..

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