just installed the gevey in a 4s. works great...i recommend it to anyone.

only problem is imessage wont show my phone number. neither will facetalk. my numbers shown right under phone.

i've tried shutting them both off. rebooting the phone and turning them back on. dont work.

also, waiting for an att sim card to activate my sms but wondered about changing the mms plist manually. i tried doing it but it gave me an error when i tried to save it. used ifile...thoughts? the method i was told was to put in an att card and use the dialer to change it. i'm impatient and figured y cant i just do it manually...well, i can but it wont save =+)

imessage working now under my apple id but it's confusing to stupid people when they get a msg from me that way hehe


thanks again to those guys in the activation forum for pointing me in the right direction for the gevey card and making sure i got the right one!!