hey i am new on this website and dont even know if im posting this in the right place...... i was just wondering if you could take your time and help me out i have an iphone 4 on 4.3.3 jailbroken and unlocked, so i want to back up my phone with my laptop. Now the trouble is my phone was actually jailbroken with my friends computer who lives really far away and i actually synced my phone with his computer because he has good music. So now my question is if i back up my phone will it erase all my photos/songs/contacts/apps?? i have like 60 install..s apps installed but i dont really care if i loose the apps, i just dont want to loose my songs and photos. And i also have the tweak 'pwntunes' installed if you could please help me because i havent backed up my phone for almost an year because im scared to loose all the stuff :/