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Thread: Warrning! Do not update to NCColors .6!

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    Exclamation Warrning! Do not update to NCColors .6!
    This NCColors .6 update will wreak havoc on all your paid Jailbroken Apps. With each attempted launch there is a popup that asks for "registration validation" and this includes apps like HapticPro so the minute the screen is touched the popup occurs. Phishing? don't know. It also breaks any themes and defaults to what appears to be some type of pseudo safemode?

    I also notice the Cydia update has exclamation with the following text highlighted: "files installed to /User". This is also a repeatable problem (used a 3Gs and repeated the problem). Not sure whats going on here but PathKiller29 you need to fix your stuff bro. Sayin... | NCColors

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    .6 still posted to Cydia. Hanging in the air like Skunk spray...

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    Yikes! no .7 yet?

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    Well look at that! I found Path's twitter handle and saw this interesting entry:
    Ok, "be here when I get back!"
    (Bronx speak for I'm going home to get a Bat ;^)...

    And to be fair, I'll even let him reload the straw with another spit ball.
    Right now I'm pointing to the wall like The Great Bambino! ...
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    Over the Green Monster it goes...

    Path fix your stuff bro (.7?) After all isn't the goal to be know for "awesome JB tweaks"?

    PS Next step? Make the .5 .deb file available for those interested with a ".6 is LAME disclaimer" Bronx stylee ;^)...

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    Thanks for the update. I was considering installing this.

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    More from Path's twitter
    Yea, but what version is that? (.5 worked).
    It could also be an update.
    Proves nothing!

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    Lol he's trying to fix it I'm sure. Just give him some time

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    I am not trying to fix anything. As there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Version .6 installs nothing to /User and there isn't a .5 as the initial release was .5-1.
    In any case. .5-2 is the one which actually installs files to /User which seems to be what your asking for here.
    The file which was installed, was a preference file, which otherwise you could not enable the tweak.

    Again. This tweak is open source. You can download it your self and view the source code, or you can use a cydia crawler and download the cydia Debian package. Then open it up and you'll see it's contents. None of which install to /User.
    The only issue with NCColors is that the modmyi repo, royally screwed up the depiction.
    However the other 27,000 people who installed .6 don't seem to have a problem, now do they?

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    Path, buddy, nice to see you. Let me start by saying I am a big fan of the NCColors tweak and here is why:
    Its different than any of the other NC color tweaks in that it allows not just customized colors via the RGB sliders but blur layered in utilizing rpetrich's light weight blurred effect (and you give him props right in the app control panel, nice ;^).

    So what does this mean? It means NCColors is the only tweak that I know of which allows you to COLOR TINT THE TRANSPARENT NC BLUR EFFECT! This is great for those that like to use themes or simply want to match their wallpaper's color scheme. If there is one thing I would add is a slider to increase/decrease the blur effect level.

    Which brings us to the matter at hand and all of the hubbub above:
    I made a big fuss about the release not just because the Cydia update screen on the ModMyi repo showed what appeared to be a warning with "files installed to /User" highlighted but because I was able to duplicate the problem a few times on a 3GS running iOS 5.1.1. Someone told me to check your twitter feed and I saw the posts which was kind of dismissive. I have since updated using the same phone but am still confused by something. You say you haven't changed anything on .6 so what does this mean? I see 1.0 mentioned in the screen snap below?
    Just curious, not trying to start any flame warz. Again I am a fan of the tweak and wouldn't make a fuss if I didn't care...

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    1.0 showing under "Recent Changes" is an issue with modmyi again. There is no version 1.0.
    As I stated previously, you can look at the source code or extract the contents of the Debian package. No files installed to /User and no code that creates "pop-ups". There are no issues.

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    So I was going to go quietly with a simple "OK" (contingent upon the update working on my iP4s), BUT IT DIDN'T! My iP4s is stuck in endless respring loop right NOW and all I did was update NCColors from .5-2 to .6. Now I can continue to bate you then post another KAPOW but why? I'll just let you know now that I have video of the whole thing! I purposely install crap on the 3Gs first to spare the headaches on the 4s (the phone I actually use) and now its in endless respring loop as I am writing this. I'm so PISSED RIGHT NOW!!

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    Boot your phone while holding down the volume buttons
    Last edited by PathKiller29; 2012-06-23 at 02:59 AM.

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    Thanks to Jay Saurik's "boot to safemode enhancement" I was able to get to safemode and uninstall NCColors. And guess what? Phone works fine now. If it wasn't for that I would have to wipe and re install everything which is a royal pain in the ars. Thing is, I still like the tweak for the reasons stated above and would like to use it, but can't risk it since I use the 4s for work as well. Now that I have uninstall NCColors, my iPhone just became a little less cool

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    I've had the issue of my phone going into a safe mode loop after a random boot up. not caused by NCColors. Fixed after a second reboot. If you don't want to use NCColors, then be my guest. there are 29,400+ people who installed version .6 without a complaint.

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    You miss the point. I said my phone is LESS cool without NCColors I just cant risk it.

    And as far as the 29k others;
    - what version of iOS are they using?
    - which iDevice (3gs, 4, 4s, ipad 2, 3)?
    - what other software do they have (JB or app store)?
    - what if there is some type of conflict?

    The point is it all means nothing if an individual is able to repeat a problem over and over again and can provide proof. Just sayin...

    Hum! I just notice something. My Black UPS HD theme is now disabled despite being enabled in Winterboard. Could that be causing a conflict?
    Last edited by Lohand; 2012-06-23 at 03:50 AM.

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    clearly they're spread across all different devices on firmware from 5.0-5.1.1
    i have it installed on my 4s, without any problems.
    If there is a conflict then there is nothing i can do about it.
    in addition, if there is a conflict that means 2+ tweaks/apps are involved, where from what i see is you clearly only picking on NCColors. Whether or not actually the fault of NCColors itself or something else causing an issue with NCColors.

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    See edit above...

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    I wouldn't know. actually troubleshooting rather then relying on others would get a lot done believe it or not. simply toggling things on and off does wonders.

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    And there in lies the rub in the JB world. Phone is humming along perfectly and doing an update causes issues. It stands to reason that one would point to the latest software update added right? Weather the conflict is caused by one or the other the point is "it" was here first and even working with a previous version of the "new" software.

    Now I get that as a dev you can't possibly be expected to account/test for all of the various tweaks and themes out there but what separates the "also rans" from the "superstars" (like rpetrich) is there propensity to listen a little and not be so dismissive.

    I also blame it partially on Jay "Cydia" for not porting the commenting system over from Rock. Part of what helps App store devs is the ability to get instant feedback from a centralized location which lets them know right away if there is a problem with an update. Believe it or not I'm going to try the NCColors install again with Black UPS HD turned off. Wish me luck

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