I have a question, (i have searched online for a few weeks...) when had my Android phone, i had a widget called Advanced Clock Widget, and it did everything i wanted it to. It showed your current location, weather, and many configurable options (weather forecast, humidity, sunrise/sunset, current data network either wifi ssid or carrier info), and would update every so often depending on the setting.

I recently jailbroke my iPhone 4s and have been looking to get something similar, but haven't found anything yet in Cydia. The first one i found is called "LockInfo" and use the lock weather plugin. I was able to get some info on my home screen , but the only thing is that it the weather updates every 30 mins on its own, but the location doesn't. In order for the location to refresh, you have to open up the weather app (iOS Native), and let it refresh the current location, then go back and refresh the widget and it will pick it up. The only thing i can think of to make this work, is if there's some sort of script via a Cydia app that refreshes the weather app every "x" minutes without opening up the app, so when the Lock Weather widget refreshes the weather data it grabs the location.

The second one i tried (forgot the exact name since i deleted it), but i think it's called Dual GPS Flip Clock. It took some time and research to get it to work. One of the dependencies was a app called "MyLocation", but it doesn't run in 5.1.1. I found a work around online by installing a GPS server, PHP server and a few more things. Two things i didn't like about it, first, the flip clock was on every page on my iPhone, so my icons on page 2 and up covered it. The 2nd thing is that it didn't update the location like i thought it would, you have to go to your local host via Safari and then it refreshes your long/ lat and dumps it to a file to be read later by one of those apps.

I am really looking for something similar to the Advanced Clock Widget via the Android Market, but i would be happy with any of the 2 above if it refreshes the location on the widget without having to force a update on one of the dependent apps, or etc...

Wondering if anybody has any assistance or insight on this.