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Thread: cloan of iphone importing pics into camera roll winscp help

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    Default cloan of iphone importing pics into camera roll winscp help
    Hi all,
    hope someone can help.

    I have 2 iphone (black and a white) the black was my main phone but i am now selling the black on and starting to use the white.
    now i have a new camera roll on the white iphone (with about 30 pics)
    but want to import the pics (nearly 3000 of them) from the black iphone camera roll
    and import to the white iphone camera roll along with existing 30 pics i already have on there.

    i cant just restore from backup the white from my black iphoneanymore as i now have info on white iphone i cant afford to loose if i backup from restore of the black iphone in itunes.

    i am using winscp, from reading other threads i understand that which each pic
    i need the jpg file of the picture but also thumbnail of the picture

    i was thinking if i plug in the black iphone and copy to my HDD the pics and thumbnails of the 3000
    pics then plug the white iphone in and copy them from my hdd onto the white iphone

    i understand that the pics are stored in the folder../private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE
    however i cant see the 30 pics in there
    also winscp tells me i have the following folders also
    104APPLE etc.. what are these for?

    Also where are the thumbnails stored i cant see them anywhere?

    At the moment i can plug iphone into itunes and sync the pics from the folder on my pc
    however now on the photo app i get "camera roll", "photo libary" "grantphotos"

    (photo libary and grantphotos just being a copy of each other) and i dont seem to be able to delete
    one or the other ?? ideally i want all the pics in camera roll.


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    If you plug your phone into your PC you should then be able to go into Computer and see the iPhone as a USB device (kinda like an external HDD).

    Open that up and peek inside and you should see the DCIM folder with all your images. Just back that up by copy/pasting your images to your computer.

    Getting them back: Once you're restored, up to date, whatever - in iTunes click on your device on the left and then choose the Photos tab. Choose "Selected Folders" and choose the location you backed up your photos to.

    I hope this works (I've never tried it myself but I see no reason why it shouldn't). If you need further confirmation I suggest doing a Google search.

    Please don't take my advice as absolute fact - any changes to your device are done so at your own risk! (had to throw that in there)

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    jahooba - i have done that, and synced that to my new white iphone but it creates a "photo libary" album and "grantspics" album (which is just a duplicate.

    what i ideally want to do is be able to import these pictures (3000 pics) into the existing camera roll of the white iphone which contacts 30 pics atm. .

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    finally worked it out and now successfully imported pics from another iphone into my camera roll on my new iphone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grantsmith82 View Post
    finally worked it out and now successfully imported pics from another iphone into my camera roll on my new iphone.
    You should share the process as iv seen this asked umpteen times

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    ok here how i did it...

    i was fortunate as i still had my 3000 pics on my old iphone so i basically plugged my old iphone in connected to winscp
    then extracted the following folders onto a memory stick...


    you will see folder called

    if you have a lot more pics (usually around 100pics per folder) it will create additional folders eg

    now i dont know if this is neccessary but i did it anyway.. as i know you must also have the thumbnail images aswell so i copied the folders from the following directory

    again i had 4 folders so copied
    104APPLE on to a memory stick

    then i plugged my new white iphone 4 and connected to winscp. this phone had about 28 pics on. however it looks like it continued to name the files in sequence from my old iphone eg IMG_3231. (my old iphone went from e.g IMG_0001 --> IMG_3230 ) so i wouldnt have any issues renameing file names as not to over write (and to ensure they were in correct order) these 28 pics were in 104APPLE folder (due to the high numeric value of the file name)

    i then basically copied my folders that were stored on the memory stick into my new iphone. then deleted the following 3 files (if all 3 wernt there i just deleted the ones that were) (this is so it will refresh the camera roll preview screen) and rebooted the iphone.
    these 3 files are in /private/var/mobile/Media/PhotoData


    now when i turned the phone on it said "no pictures to display" like it was empty but be patient it took between 30 secs and 1min for it to start to rebuild the libary. and hew prsto...!!

    this process took a long time copying files etc and a lot of googling.. i was fortunate that i also had the thumbnails i beleive if you dont you have to make a copy of the pic and rename the copy with a thumbnail extention file .

    hope this helps..

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