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Thread: Genuine at&t sims vs. non-genuine at&t sims?

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    Exclamation Genuine at&t sims vs. non-genuine at&t sims?
    Many thanks to all for your help

    >>Abstract: All sim cards that use at&t equipment are identified by their ICCID beginning with 890141. However, the iPhone obviously knows when a genuine sim is inserted and at this point, it allows it to attempt to connect to the network. The "genuine" sims can be true at&t (contract sims, GoPhone sims) or "spoofed" at&t (Straight Talk, Net 10, Simple Mobile). Either way, they both work in the iPhone right away. Then there are the "non-genuine" sims that aren't designed to work in phones aside from their original phone. Although they are still at&t (890141), they obviously lack something that allows the iPhone to connect to the network.

    However, there is supposed to be a way to get the iPhone to connect to the network with a non-genuine at&t sim and the lead I have isn't working. Supposedly, I should insert my non-genuine sim, dial 112, end the call, and then toggle airplane mode. A sequence of these steps is supposed to make the iPhone connect to the network but nothing I have tried has worked. I cannot unlock my iPhone because my sim card requires an at&t locked phone.

    Sorry if it's complicated but I'm really hoping that someone will know what I'm talking about and/or at least point me in the right direction.

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    Prob best to furnish with some more info -baseband, fw revision etc. Gevey sim would likely work but it's a $ solution. Is the handset still in contract? Also AT&T are unlocking phones although being from the UK I can't really comment on the idiosyncrasies of this process. Do you also mean your sim won't work in an unlocked phone? Haven't heard of this before....

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    I cannot unlock because supposedly doing so would not help. And this is not regarding Gevey sim; the method does not use a Gevey sim althoigh it is similar to the Gevey procedure. BTW, following the Gevey procedure does not work for me or I'm missing something. Has anybody heard of a way to get an 890141 sim to connect to the service by somehow spoofing the carrier lock partially so that the sim can connect? The proof video is here...
    iPhone 3G on tracfone service - YouTube

    And I have an iphone 3G, stock 3.0 FW, and 06.15.00 baseband.
    Please help!

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