Hello Everyone,

As you have almost the same setup as myself. I would like to know are you able to or know if it is possible to use (see and have access to ) all your apps - together on your phone, regardless of 'Country of Origin'.

EX. Say you are in the US physically, and signed in with US ID, are you able to see and use all sets of apps on your phone ( ie. 'licensed' from the UK)? If not do you know of way to do that.

I have three accounts from different countries but trying to find a way to amalgamate the apps on the iPhone independent of the ID or regardless where 'I' am. As it seems very limiting (not to mention controlling and restrictive) not be have access to the content without signing in/signing out each time. I see the apps as tools like a pair of scissors or a hammer, and the iPhone my toolbox.

Thank you