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Thread: iPhone full with garbage from prev. JBs... how to restore to fully clean system?

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    Unhappy iPhone full with garbage from prev. JBs... how to restore to fully clean system?
    Hi all!
    This is my first post and I've quite looked for the answer to my question... as I'm really not sure how to cope with my problem, I'm asking the experts now

    I have an Iphone 3GS (old bootrom)
    running 5.1 JB (redsn0w untethered).
    Sync via iTunes (no iCloud)

    Whenever I did a FW upgrade in the past, I did the follwing:
    - iTunes sync
    - iPhone reset/restore
    - put the new FW on via iTunes
    - Jailbreak
    - restore from backup (I never did the iTunes "treat as new iPhone" option, as I'm not sure what this really does...)

    So my problem now is, that my iPhone is cluttered with garbage/remains from previous Jailbreaks.
    (I'm talking about preference files or even libraries of old/uninstalled cydia apps, I have 2 stash/Theme folders, old SBSettings toggles of previous JB cydia apps, etc... who the hell knows what else of old garbage is cluttering the filesystem...)

    I don't know how or why this is... either all the old stuff didn't really get deleted when doing the iPhone restore, or these things get somehow backupped through iTunes (? which I can't imagine, but who knows...)

    What I want to achieve now is:
    - I want to have a clean new iPhone filesystem, like when you directly pick it up from the store... absolutely NO JB remains etc.
    - I want then to JB it again (to have a clean JB on it)
    - all I want to keep on my phone are the phone numbers and the apps that I've bought (which are in my synced iTunes backup).

    How can I achieve this?
    Is this the right way?: Restoring a Jailbroken iPhone made Painless (relatively)

    As I've said, I don't know what the option "treat as new iPhone" really does, and I was (and am) a bit scared that I'll lose my phone numbers and apps when choosing this option.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Your problem is your restore from a back up. Essentially what that does is duplicate the file structure from the phone prior to the restore onto the fresh install and hence will contain stuff from your old jailbreak. Iv noticed that after a restore things reappear back to settings iv had on the handset I backed up (for instance sbsettings will restore to my preferences without me having to select themes soon as I reinstall it from Cydia) even though the restore doesn't reinstall cydia. If you want completely fresh DON'T restore from backup

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    Hi docmagoo2, thanks for your answer!

    This is exactly what I mean, so I guess I have to go to the "treat as new iPhone" option then after the reset, right?

    Can I then resync with my old backup anyways to get my apps back? And the phone numbers?
    (as I wrote, I'm not really sure what the "set up as new iPhone" option has for consequences...)

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    I never restore from iTunes backup..i always setup as a new phone...I sync contacts calendar notes with outlook on my pc...I have apps music n vids on my pc in iTunes n I drag all pics n vids I take with phone out of the camera roll on phone and into My Pictures and My Video folders and sync back...I have 3GS on 4.2.1 with iTunes 10.3 on win7 64bit with outlook 2010..

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