I know this has been mentioned a few times in this forum and on other sites, but not sure of its resolution. I have a JB iP4, 5.01 firmware, 32 GB. Have tried different SIRI solutions over the last month...each time, when SPIRE was required, some of the app store apps just stopped working (wouldn't load, didnt' crash the springboard, just sent me back to it)...one in particular was "My Fitness Pal". Downloaded SPIRE yesterday to try i4SIRI and after downloading SPIRE again, native apps stopped working.

Now...have read about this on sites, suggestions to "fix" it include: 1) disable my3G or a like app (why do that, I use my 3G connection for skype, etc regularly, one of the best cydia hacks); 2) rejail break with redsn0w (does this reliably work and why should it work and affect app store apps to keep them from crashing); 3) restore you phone (dont' want to do this, I don't want SIRI that badly...and in fact, I just restored my phone to a "new phone" when I jailbroke the phone recently with redsn0w).

So...any ideas folks? Seems that SPIRE creates a conflict...because when I take it off, the apps work fine again. Any real ideas or solutions that the forum has about this would be appreciated.

Thanks again