I am a new user to this website so please forgive me if I am not posting this in the proper forum.

I have had my 3GS for a year so I am 100% percent confident how to sync with Itunes as usual.
I plug everything in..do sync..unplug and find ALL of my videos are gone but all photos are there.
I have NO idea why this happened or how to remedy it without spending 3 months of rent for data
recovery from a professional company. I have tried everything I know how to do to recover data.

NO LUCK :*( OS 5.0.1 installed

Can anyone please tell me how I can recover my precious videos of my children? Every data recovery company I have contacted want between $400 - $1,400 to even attempt to find the videos with no guarantee. Can anyone tell me how I can do this myself? I have Win 7 64bit,jailbroken, with Cydia installed.

I am heartbroken over the loss of my precious videos