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Thread: Find my iphone app ? Not working?

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    Default Find my iphone app ? Not working?
    I have 2 IP4's. I downloaded the Find my Iphone app on my phone thats has 4.3.3. I followed the instructions and adding the mobile me account and it works without any trouble when finding the phone location.

    I then tried to put it on our other Ip4. This phone has been upgraded to 5.0.1. It has Icloud set up. I have find my phone enabled. I have signed in to itunes with the itunes account set on the phone. When I try to find the phone it tells me the phone is offline when I know this isnt the case as the phone is powered on sitting next to me.

    Both phones are Jailbroken and on Tmobile network.

    When locating both phones they are both in my house connected to the house internet connection. The 4.3.3 phone works perfect and the 5.0.1 does not. Any ideas whats wrong?

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    Do you have location service on?

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    Yes I turned it on when I upgraded the phone and double checked that it was on in settings when it first started giving me trouble. If I use regular google maps from the phone it comes up at my location so I know the map/GPS feature is working on the phone.

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    Ok I thought maybe it was because I had not yet set up the phone to fix the mms and internet think that comes with Gevy SIM and Tmobile but that was not it. I fixed the MMS and internet issue my running the program to correct this in Cydia. MMS messages and net is working fine. I double checked the icloud set up on the phone and it is good to go. I looked a the Location services in the IP4 settings and all are set to on including the one for Findmyiphone.

    I even tried to log in to icloud my pc using [email protected] which is my apple account username and pw on that phone and it logs in and tells me its offline. I then tried the addy set up to that account with icloud as [email protected] and signed in and it let me sign in but still tells me the phone is offline.

    Same result if I sign in to findmyiphone when signing on from my other iphone it gives me the offline message.

    I will post back if I get a fix but its teange that it will not work. If you have any ideas let me know. Thanks

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    Default Update fixed!
    So i found the trouble for thise who may have the same issue. They have several howto's on youtube that explain the step by step on how to correct this issue. None of the fixes are listed as findmyiphone fixes but are actually listed as imessenger fixes that also correct factime and push notifications for certain apps.

    The fix video directs you to add source from repo bingner in cydia and install the SAM tool. They guide you step by step and and corrects the issue not only for the issues described above and listed in the videos but also for the findmyiphone app.

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    Was there a specific tutorial you used?

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