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Thread: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, which step am i getting wrong??!! (6.15.00 restore trouble)

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    Question FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, which step am i getting wrong??!! (6.15.00 restore trouble)
    OK, i'll briefly outline the series of events so that hopefully somebody can help solve the mystery?!!

    It's a 3GS which i bought 3nd hand a year ago on 5.15.04 and needed a network unlock. My only option at the time was to upgrade to 6.15.00. All OK.
    A couple of days ago it slipped into RECOVERY mode for no apparent reason and so after much forum consulting, i tried tried myself to resolve the matter, but I'm having difficulty!!
    (btw, I'm using windows)

    - I downloaded snowbreeze 2.2.1 and when it asks for the IPSW i enter this one which i'd downloaded (i'd read that i should avoid the ipad baseband):

    - That was verified and i proceeded to SIMPLE mode, clicked YES for do i want to hackavate and then let it do it's thing. The Custom IPSW it created was titled... sn0wbreeze_iPhone 3GS-4.2.1a

    - snowbreeze then continued to put my iphone in pwnd DFU mode and so i entered itunes, pressed ok when the error came up and pressed SHIFT while clicking on RESTORE, then pointing to this new Custom IPSW.

    - I then saw a Error (3194) pop up. So i downloaded Tinyumbrella and when into ADVANCED unclicking 'set hosts to cydia on exit' closed skype and set TU TSS server running. All good.

    - So back to Itunes, same process, point to my CFW and this time a (2005) keeps coming up, which apparently is due to USB cable problems, but I've tried with all four cables that i have and still no joy, so I'm wondering if another part of the process I'm implementing is wrong???!!

    *In case this makes a differnce to you prognosis*; I went into check my SHSH and the only thing in there is one that had just been created in the .cache folder called 'lib-win'

    hope somebody can help shed some light, I find all of this jazz a little mind boggling!
    Cheers, AL<<

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    Try a different computer and just pull those files the backup and junk over I had to do this cause I was having iTunes issues it could also possibly be a loose charge port on the device itself or try a different USB port on the computer possibly

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    Yeah I'm pretty sure the device port is ok and I've already tried all 4 USB ports on this laptop so I guess I'll try a differnt computer tomorrow?!
    Cheers Bender!

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    And you have shsh blobs stored?

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    No I don't think so, like i said i checked in the C-USERS-.SHSH and the only thing there is a file in the .cache folder called 'lib-win'
    When i open TU it doesn't show me any SHSH's

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