So, I ran into an issue in regards to the "Other" space that takes up way too much room on my iOS device preventing me from using my valuable storage.

After reading tutorial after tutorial, as well as how too's and quick fixes... I was finally able to piece together what exactly was going on here as well as how to fix it (well more or less).

First off, I am not a developer or programmer or anything like that... Just a modder and tweaker. This is simply my interpretation and observation and attempt to offer a viable explanation as to what is going on. In all my scratching about on the internets, I've not really been able to find an explanation that I found to be satisfactory, or a solution to easily fix this problem. Hopefully some smart dev picks up on this and can add too it.

So, here goes:

Why do I have "X" amount of "other" storage showing up in iTunes?

Couple of reasons. One of which is that when you use apps that function as storage containers for data to be used in that app (I.E. PDF Readers, USB Drives, Comic Book Readers, Third Party Video Players, Emails, ETC.) that data shows up in iTunes as "Other" because it's not technically officially something that iTunes thinks that you ought have there. It's data and iTunes doesn't care.

Simple solution is to delete the data from the app. I once had an 800mb AVI file that I was transporting from desktop to desktop that I had forgotten about stored locally on my iPhone that was eating up space. Simple opening of the "Net Portal" app and a swip took care of that.

Also, don't forget to empty things like your trash bin from your emails, as well as all caches and cookies from safari and the typical things that you would do on a desktop. It's a few megs here and there, but it adds up after a while.

Now every so often, these apps don't delete data properly and in that particular case deleting the app, re-syncing, re-installing the app, re-syncing fixes the issue.

But what if that doesn't work either?

If you're not Jailbroken, you may be a bit S.O.L and need to do a factory reset. Sorry, but that's the best I came up with...

Now if you ARE Jailbroken, there may be a bit of hope!

You can either use iFile (shareware, Cydia) OR iExplorer (freeware, with Root if you're Jailbroken) to accomplish this.

Supposedly there is a method that states if you go into /var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control and delete the /music folder as well as all the sub folders, it will "fix" the issue.

This issue is based on the idea that there is a bug/glitch in the system that states that iTunes reads iOS improperly in regards to the space, and that by deleting this folder iTunes will be forced to repopulate and recalculate a new one.

Okay, cool and all... But I did that once before and that ultimately led to sync issues and a whole bunch of other blarg that had me going back to the "if your not jailbroken method." This is not profitable, plus I don't recommend deleting system file structures like that.

Allright, so what else? Well... This is where you can use iFile. iFile for those of you that don't know, is "Finder" or "Windows Explorer" for iOS. It. Is. Awesome.

If you are a Windows user, for the most part you are used to deleting a file and it going away into the nether. However we often take from granted that we are not on Windows and in fact are on OSX and things tend to operate just a bit differently. Sometimes, and especially if you are using iFile, when you delete something it goes into a "trash" folder instead of going away.

I discovered this by total accident and when I did, I suddenly acquired my lost "Other" Storage.

I had pulled over a .rar file that I had decided to "unrar" using iFile on my iOS device. After looking at the files, I decided to delete them, but keep the .rar. When I deleted them, they weren't directly deleted they just went to "trash".

(3 gigs of "other" drove me nuts)

So what was the solution? Open up iFile, push "edit" (top right), push the Garbage Can (bottom row, left to right, 3rd icon), and click "go to trash" and then "Empty Trash". Suddenly, the Heavens will Part and the Skies will open and you will have discovered where some of your missing space went!

There is also a handy app out there on Cydia called "Clean Up" that functions similarly to CCleaner. It's predefined to clean up junk caches and temp files so that you don't have too!

I hope this helps some of you out there, and if anyone has anything helpful to add to this please do in that the more knowledge to the collective would be most beneficial to us all!