I have an iPhone 4s that I jail-broke using Absinthe. All seems to be working except that I am unable to install SBSettings or SiriToggles. Both of these are supposed to be available with BigBoss Repo. I have checked and Repo is available but under that Repo I do not see either of these. There are only about 14 entries under the Repo in Cydia. I have tried removing the Repo and reinstalling it, refreshing Cydia etc but still I do not find these add-ons.

The only place in Cydia I can find SBSettings is under "Featured -> 10 Tools to Start With". When I tap it, it simply says cannot locate package... in the current sources... etc.

Neither of these add-ons show up when searching in Cydia. Am I missing something?

Also BigBoss Repo seems to have over 10K items but I only see about 14... what gives?
(Cydia Repository by BigBoss | IOS APP developer Hosting)

BTW, I am a newbie at this stuff.

Thanks a bunch.