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Thread: need help with Fixing freezing on boot. almost there!!

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    hello there guys, this is my first post on this website so hopefully someone will help me out.
    so heres the story
    earlier today everything was working fine as usual. i opened cydia and then updated some packages or sources or something. next thing i know whenever my iphone boots it freezes after about maybe say 8 seconds once it has booted.
    i usually have 3 seconds of iphone use after it has been unlocked.

    luckily for me tho...
    -my computer picks it up as if it has nothing wrong with it
    -if im quick enough i can open sbsettings and boot into safe mode

    these two things i would believe would give me a great advantage to restoring my iphone back to working condition, i really dont want to have to start fresh again however my iphone would probably run better.

    backing up:
    i downloaded pkgbackup whilst in safe mode but when i click on 'all packages' it just crashes
    so i have used xbackup and then emailed myself the backup zip file.

    hopefully someone here can guide me into fixing this issue,
    if i were to prepare for the worse is there a way i can back up my contacts and messages to my computer without using itunes... i absolutely hate itunes and i would rather have a solid file on my computer somewhere with that info on it.

    thankyou in advance.
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    If u can get into sbsettings.go into it and switch off all mobile substrate add ons then switch on 1 at a time and do a process of elimination.only way 2 do it without restoring.dont use pckbackup as u will of backed up the offending tweak

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    thankyou for that reply.
    i probably should of informed everyone that i just rage quit and restored my phone.
    (there is a newer version of redsnow out anyway that is supposedly better than the original 5.0.1 JB)
    that actually sounds like a good solution.

    thankyou anyway, appreciate it.

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