My names kahael and I'm having a bit of trouble with my iPhone (4). I was on Mewseek earlier and downloading/adding music to my library. I had some errors before but if you use mewseek then you know that errors are common. So I added some songs to my library when mewseek crashed. I reopened it and finished adding the rest of them. Later I feel like listening to music. I open my iPod (music) app an it crashes as well. Then I reopen it and it says I have no content in my library. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but I'm doing service work until June, and won't be able to resync or restore my phone until then. I have ifile, and know how to use it. I checked and all my songs are still there, however, mytunes isn't able to pick them up either. I'm guessing I corrupted my library or my iPod app somehow...I already went through using ifile and tried to delete most songs that I downloaded earlier. I may have missed some. I also have no backup of my itunesdb.
SO. that's my story. Anyone able to help me solve this little puzzle?

Someone who is traveling 7 days a week and would rather castrate himself than have no music.