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Thread: Music App keeps opening then closing quickly (help)

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    Default Music App keeps opening then closing quickly (help)
    So I'm on an Iphone 4 IOS 5 (5.0.1) jailbroken
    Everything was fine been using the phone for a good while but one time after I put some music directly through the iphone
    I went to listen to some music and every time I open the music it shows me a white screen then closes quickly.
    how can I fix this issue. Also I don't want to reset setting as I'll lose my jailbreak and the phone will go through the wheel of death. I would restore through itune but that would make me loose my baseband right..?
    So please help.

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    Whats your baseband? And why dont you use snow breeze or redsnow to cook a custom
    Firmware 5.0.1 without the baseband so you maintain your (maybe) unlock able baseband?

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    thanks that's what i did hehe!
    Wish I could have fixed it without restoring just in case this problem occurs again because I lost all my apps in the process but instal lous is there for a reason right hehe

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    I would assume your music didn't properly sink over especially if u had enable transfer over wi-fi when u were setting it up
    Try ticking that off transfer them and try the app again

    If it still happens follow this guide I made:
    Try installing SBSettings, respring, to open SBSettings slide finger across Statusbar

    Press Power, Safe Mode
    Safemode turns ALL hacks off now try it

    Does it work correctly in SafeMode?

    If so then it is from Cydia

    To deactivate Cydia stuff without uninstalling:
    First: Scroll your finger along the top again and exit safe mode
    Secound: go SBSettings->More->Mobile Substrate Addons
    Turn stuff off then exit and if the problem disappears it's one of the however many you turned off, slowly turn them on till you find the problem then turn the problem addon ON then uninstall it from Cydia if you don't turn it on before you uninstall some problems will stick around

    Please list the problem app below and thank me on site if all goes well if this doesn't work or u need help please just ask

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    Thanks a lot man. Actually for some reason I did try that before and when it was in safe mode the error still occurred so I guess it wasn't cydia but I remember about the syncing over wifi thing and I didn't really get how it work and I think it was checked. So it could be that they're weren't sync properly! How does that wifi transfer work?

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    Uncheck sync over wifi click apply
    Uncheck sync music hit apply AND WAIT FOR IT TO FINISH SYNCING
    Now check it again and press apply

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