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Thread: Need help with my 4s!

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    Hello, I was on my iphone 4s (jailbroken with windows gui of absinthe) running 5.0.1. When all of a sudden my iphone went into this spining wheel loop thing, the spinning wheel of death. Or so I thought, until my phone turned back on, telling me sb crashed and it went into safe mode. So, instinctively, I tapped ' exit safe mode ' and now it's back in this loop again.

    What's going on? Help please!

    EDIT: Oh, and it's plugged into my comp. right now. It will do a spin of the wheel, and then make a noise signifying that itunes recognizes that its connected, and it vibrates saying that its turning on, but then it stops, does another loop, and repeats.


    EDIT 2: I try to hard-shutdown (hold power and home button) and when I do, it shuts off but then automatically re-boots itself.


    EDIT 3: It only re-boots itself automatically if it's hooked up to itunes. Is anybody on this forum?


    EDIT 4: It's still doing this. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    EDIT 5:I guess I should post because now it finnally powered back on in safe mode, though this time took significantly longer. Im going to keep it in safe mode right now until I get more info on this.

    EDIT 6: I tried to delete the cydia app I thought caused the problem, but then it asked for my to restart springboard. I did, hoping it would fix the problem, but I have had no such luck.

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    What was the last app you installed through Cydia? You'll more than likely find that THIS is what's causing you crash loop, I'd remove the last few packages you installed.

    So you'll need that Cydia app again to take a look at the packages.

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    Hi. If you have SBsettings, go to more-mobile substrate-addons, and turn everything off and then turn things off one by one and see which one causes the issue.

    Could be you installed something that is either incompatible with ios 5 or incompatible with another installed tweak.

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