QUESTION: Is there a tweak that allows per-designated apps to launch via Voice Control, even though I have a pass-code set to my device?

I am very close to integrating my iPhone 4 with my 2006 Pontiac GTO as an on-board Radio/MP3 Player/GPS/Bluetooth. I'm using VoiceActivator to assign custom commands with Voice Control. I already have a factory Bluetooth connection with my car, and pushing the BT button once brings up Voice Control, where I can initiate a call, or play an album. With VoiceActivator, I've added commands to open Google Maps, Navigon GPS, Sigalert, Camera, and a Hotspot toggle to allow passengers to connect a device that needs internet. This all works very well, however having my phone pass-code protected, I would need to unlock it before using it hands-free.

I'm looking for a tweak that would work similarly to how the Camera app works without requiring the phone to be unlocked, as it was introduced in iOS 5. Thanks ahead of time for any feedback!