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Thread: Bought barred/stolen Iphone4 ?

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    Default Bought barred/stolen Iphone4 ?
    Hello guys,

    Approx. a month ago I bought an Iphone 4 in Pakistan with OS 4.3.3 in it and it was jailbroken. It was working fine. The guy I bought it from said it's factory unlocked.

    After coming back to UK I gave it to my wife to use it. She inserted her SIM but it was giving "no service". She then updated the OS thinking it might start to work but it didn't. I then spoke to a guy online he said it is barred/stolen Iphone and said to send it back to Pakistan or sell it ASAP. He offered me 200 for this....

    Is there any ways to repair this phone ? or should I sell it ?? Please help guys...

    Thanks in Advance...

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    And your first post just so happens to be in this forum? Me thinks you're screwed. Sorry.

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    Never ever buy a stolen iphone. Once disabled, you can't use it as a phone

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    Chances are the guy you talked to is lying to you so he can buy it off you for cheap, there no way of knowing if it was stolen or not and you won't get in trouble for having it. You bought it legitimately so your fine.

    Chances are you updated to 5.0.1, which cannot be unlocked. My advice would be to sell it and buy one that has a firmware that is 4.3.5 or lower, buy a 10$ gevey sim on eBay and use your wife's sim plus gevey for the unlock.

    Goodluck, don't sell it to the jackass that told you it's stolen. He's retarded.

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    send the phone to the apple service center. there will be fee involved.

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    I don't see the point in sending it to a service center.. Unless it needs to be serviced?

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    So pretty much when the iPhone is disabled, you can't use the network (att) or the whole phone itself (music, apps, etc.)?

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    Only Verizon and sprint iPhones can be "disabled". Gsm network phones cannot be disabled. CDMA network iPhones can only be disabled over the network, meaning you can still use them as iPods and such just can't add your service to the phone. Some of the CDMA phones with a bad ESN can be flashed to services like cricket, Rogers, or boost.

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    If you bought a stolen phone, yeah you're seen as a part of the theft ---althoughhh.... that seems to be the case.. your phone cannot be 'disabled' as youngunner specified. Since you're with ATT, you should be fine. Now questions to be asked... Did you save your SHSH blobs prior to going to 5x & to use your phone do you need it to be unlocked? If so, you can't if you updated your BB to 5.11 --

    DO NOT sell back to that guy, he is trying to make money off you. Sell the phone local IF you need the unlock -- if not, there are ways to fix your phone ... but if you do need an unlock, sell it.. because there is no time frame on when the 5.x unlock is coming out.

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