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Thread: App Store apps disappeared from springboard but still stored on iPhone

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    Default App Store apps disappeared from springboard but still stored on iPhone
    Hello all-

    My Jailbroken iOS 4.0 iPhone 3GS ran out of battery and shut itself down while I was using it. After recharging and turning it on again all of the App Store apps are no longer visible. The original standard iphone apps and apps I have installed from Cydia are still visible. When I look at my phone in iTunes I can see >10 GB of "other" data stored on my iphone which I believe to be my apps and their associated data. So I think the data is still there but the apps are not registered by the phone. The apps are also not in the Settings menu or in SBSettings>Hide Icons or SBSettings>App Folders.

    I have tried:
    1. Resetting the iphone
    2. Restoring from backup but iTunes succeeded in making a new backup before I got to restore, so my old "good" backup is gone.
    3. Deleting the "icon..." files in var/mobile/library/springboard

    Does anyone have any suggestions for my situation?

    I know I could sync the apps with iTunes but I believe I would lose all of the saved data in all of my apps if I do that. Also, since the apps are still stored on the phone taking up >10 GB, I don't think iTunes will understand to remove them in order to make room for the resync.

    Unfortunately I can't point to a particular application or thing I was doing that might cause my problem. I think it was something that happened due to the phone running out of power so quickly that it didn't have a chance to save its state before turning off.


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    Tap Settings App>General>Reset, near bottom>Reset Home Screen Layout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 805 93003 View Post
    Tap Settings App>General>Reset, near bottom>Reset Home Screen Layout.
    This is not recommended on a jailbroken iPhone. It will be stuck in a boot loop, then a restore will be required

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    This is new to me, where do you get your information? The fix for missing icons is as I have described jailbroken or not.

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    Information from reading these forums... Your steps may fix the problem with hidden icons, but what about the boot loop on a jailbroken device?

    Correction, I miss read your post. "Resetting all" will put in boot loop, not resetting icons... My mistake
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    Thanks for the suggestion but "Reset Home Screen Layout" didn't seem to have any effect.

    Is there some file that defines what apps are either visible on the springboard or "registered" by the phone, which could be deleted and allow the phone to reregister all of the apps on the phone.

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    I'm having exactly the same problem, mine was probably caused because I unintentionally synced my iPod with iTunes on my new laptop, a few apps were transferred, but not all. When I look at the memory consumption of the device, it says there are around 10GB of "other" data. When I use i-FunBox, I see that all the apps are still there, including their data, but the icons are not on SpringBoard.
    I have tried the solutions mentioned above, but also to no avail.
    I guess I could transfer all the data via i-FunBox or iExplorer, but upon reinstalling, the application directories consisting of the IDs would likely change, thus preventing a simple transfer back on the device.

    Does anyone know the location where iOS keeps track of the installed software or any way to re-initialize this setting?



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    var/Applications is at least one place where applications are stored. Have you had any luck with this problem yet?

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    I have mostly found a solution to my problem. It isn't very elegant and requires a lot of manual work but at least it works.

    Using iFunbox I can see all the applications that are installed on my phone, even though they aren't recognized by iOS on my phone (therefore they aren't on the home screen or visible as installed from iTunes). If I install one of those applications again from iTunes then I see two copies of that application. I can usually tell which application was the original (with my application data/saves/preferences) because the "documents" and "library" folders for the original app will have more folders/files in them. I then copy the documents and library folders from the original app to the new one. Once I have done that, I can run the app on my phone and it seems to behave just like my original app did. It has all preferences and saves/data that I had in the original.

    The last problem is deleting the original applications, since all my apps take up >10 GB. I can delete the folders/files in iFunbox, so that gets rid of all the data, but I can't seem to uninstall the old app's folder. So I am left with a folder associated with the original app. If I click uninstall in iFunbox then iFunbox seems to refresh the view, but the folder doesn't go away.

    Does anyone know a solution to this? It would be nice to get the file system completely cleaned up.

    Thanks again!

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