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Thread: Neurotech [HD] Setup

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    Default Neurotech [HD] Setup
    This is still under construction

    This page will be devoted to setting up your Neurotech theme as a companion page to the Neurotech release page.

    This page will be optimized for Mobile Safari viewing

    •You can follow Neurotech on Twitter to stay aware of the latest updates.

    Setting up your Neurotech theme:

    Apple's iOS is being updated faster than Saurik can update WinterBoard, so with iOS 4.0+, themes increasingly demand that you learn how to access your device's file system. There are a few ways to do this:

    Setup Contents
    1. WinterBoard Settings
    2. Transparent Icons
    3. Folder Backgrounds
    4. Fonts
    5. SBSettings
    6. Wallpaper
    7. Loading Screens
    8. 5x5 or 7x5 Icon Springboard
    9. Mods I personally use with Neurotech


    1. WinterBoard Settings:

    This theme requires you to have SummerBoard Mode switched to "OFF"

    • Neurotech: This is the main theme
    • Neurotech Slider 1: This is the alternate slider - if your slider doesn't match the lockscreen image, you probably need to turn this on/off. Drag this above the main Neurotech [HD] theme in the WinterBoard list to activate it.
    • Neurotech Slider 2: Same as Slider 1

    2. Transparent Icons:

    • Some of the icons will show up with a dark border around them, this is because of the files responsible for auto-skinning.

      To show the icons as they are intended you need to find these files and rename them.

      **Do not delete these files, only rename them**

    • Navigate to: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/

      • AppIconMask @2x.png
      • AppIconOverlay @2x.png
      • AppIconShadow @2x.png

    • Rename these three files by putting a "1" in the name so that it looks like this:

      • 1AppIconMask @2x.png
      • 1AppIconOverlay @2x.png
      • 1AppIconShadow @2x.png

    • Respring by opening WinterBoard and make a change/ undo it so that the Respring button appears, then press it. I usually select SummerBoard Mode, then deselect it (Note: this theme requires SummerBoard Mode to be switched to [OFF])

    3. Folder Backgrounds

    • These are themed, however, I use and themed the FolderEnhancer mod. I suggest you need this mod.

    4. Fonts:

    • The official font for Neurotech [HD], I've decided, is Sony Sketch EF. It's futuristic looking and compliments my theme perfectly. If I mod any numbers from now on they will be in this font.
    • Install BytaFont from Cydia, then install the Sony Sketch EF Regular front (also on Cydia).
    • Open BytaFont and go to the Basic tab. Select the Sony font and apply it if it prompts you. Easy.
    • Enjoy your awesome new look!

    5. SBSettings:

    • Install SBSettings from Cydia. Swipe across the time on the status bar to activate SBSettings, select More -> SBSettings Themes -> Neurotech

    6. Wallpaper:

    • Neurotech [HD] wallpaper and lockscreen images install directly into Settings->Brightness & Wallpaper - The blue 5's are for use with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5's tall screen.

    7. Loading Screens:

    • Loading screens used to be a separate download, now they're included in the main Neurotech download.

    8. 5x5 Icon Springboard:

    • To take advantage of the Neurotech [HD] wallpaper, you'll need to put 5 icons in the dock and 5x5 icons (For iPhone 5 you can use 7 rows by 5 columns no problem) on the springboard. There are two ways you can do this:

    • Open Cydia, search for & install Five Icon Dock.
    • Iconoclasm on Cydia is a great program with a lot of features and options.
    • CustomGrid2 is what I use, and can be found in Cydia as well!

    2. Mods I personally Use With Neurotech:

    *If these have themeable parts I probably themed them*

    • AdBlocker
    • biteSMS
    • BrightnessFix
    • BytaFont w/ Sony Sketch EF Regular font
    • CustomGrid 2
    • FolderEnhancer
    • Icon Thief
    • iFile
    • Infinidock
    • QuickLock 2
    • Reveal
    • SBSettings
    • SwipeAway
    • Sys Passwd
    • WinterBoard
    • Zeppelin


    Troubleshooting Help

    I have nothing to put here at the moment, but if you're having a problem PM me or email me at Jahooba[a]

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