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Thread: iAds not displaying?

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    Default iAds not displaying?
    I am hard at work on my iAd-supported iPhone app, Nearby, but I cannot get the test ads to show up on my phone. The test ads show up in the iPhone Simulator and my sister's 3G S in jail, and other apps with iAds show up on my phone, but I cannot get the test ads in my app to show up on my phone. This is a bit annoying since I have to use a different phone for build testing with iAds, and I'm not sure exactly which devices will actually be able to display my iAds once my app is approved.

    Even if you don't have an answer to this question, could you try installing a few other iAd-supported apps and just see if the banners show up? Please also report if you are jailbroken and which OS.


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    iPhone 4 (4.0.1)...... I've noticed that in several of my Apps that I updated noting in the update list in the App store an update to add iAds which a lot of times never show up until a while after I have updated the app. Im really only guessing at this and have no idea if this happens but just a theory (which is probably 100% wrong lol) but there may be a lag between the actual app and iAds connecting with the actual individual Ad that will be displayed because I see different ads all the time within the same app so maybe its a connection timing issue with the App and the iAds trying to sync up adds for the app...

    What kind of App are you creating? Also, seeing as your a Dev. of apps, when your actually developing the app and all of the coding and what not, is there a security measure that you guys can put in the app via code or whatever that causes the app to detect if it has been pirated via THAT app you can download in cydia (you know which one I refer too,... begins with an In and end with an Ous.....and is sadly being promoted by Cult of Mac now under the title "how to pirate apps from the app store"....sad) and cause it do no longer function? Just wondering if that's possible because seeing as how Jailbreaking is now 100% Gov't certified legal, and apps like the previous mentioned one paint the Jailbreaking community in a bad light and could lead to even further acts of piracy due to the inevitable newcomers. I actually think the Gov't certified Jailbreaking issue will hurt the community in the long run more than a plus, cant put my finger on exactly why I feel that why but I just get that feeling.....

    .... back to the topic......
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