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Thread: Whats will happen if ..

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    Default Whats will happen if ..

    After being extremply p****** off by my network provided ive decided to screw them over a bit,

    There sending me a new 3gs 32gb, and im in two minds of wether to keep the phone or Unlock it and sell it on ebay becuase there still going for about 400+ brand new and a month or so down the line say it got stolen so they send me a new phone. This would work but if i report it stolen and its unlocked will they still be able to lock the phone? and once its locked will it be able to be unlocked again?

    As i dont want to rip a buyer from ebay off.

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    Phones reported stolen are usually blacklisted on the their original network. You risk screwing over any future buyer by doing this.

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    You say on there original network, if it was the original was at&t and the new buyer was using t-mobile? would it effect the new buyer and also if it new buyer was on at&t if it was blacklisted could it unlocked to work again or no?

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    depends at&t can fully deactive the iphone from being used at all as long as u can get someone who knows what they r doing

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    What could they do though?

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    Well by law they could get you for insurance fraud. Which is what you are doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerote View Post
    Well by law they could get you for insurance fraud. Which is what you are doing.

    There would have been PLENTY of different ways for you to word the question.. but you just bluntly state the obvious on an online forum....Insurance fraud is no joke, and considering iPhone's retail for over 500$, its grand theft (at least here in the states)... Good luck to you sir
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    Well the other person could be in trouble too because they then have stolen property since the phone belongs to the insurance agency. (Guess not trouble but get the phone taken away.)

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