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Thread: Itunes Iphone restore

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    Default Itunes Iphone restore
    If you restore your iphone through Itunes, does it completely erase everything on your iphone and then reinstall everything as it came from the factory?? The reason I ask this is that when I uninstall programs from the, I know it doesn't always erase everything, since if I reinstall one of those programs, it still has the same settings. Also, I have been getting unexplained Iphone data usage, at different times of the day. I don't have the email set to auto check or anything like that. I just want to make sure that none of the 3rd party apps are sending any of my personal info from my phone to any unintended destinations. So,back to my question, will the restore erase [U]everything[U] on my iphone??

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    I wonder about that also.
    But after you have restored..there are two options iTunes asks you.
    One..register as a new lose everything..including contacts.

    Two..sync as your iphone..itunes backs up your contacts, music, movies..ect..(of course there are no 3rd party apps backup) as in the last time you synced..and this way, only a few things got erased..your email password, your wifi key.

    Why would you worry? arent you on the 20dollars unlimited data plan? Which 3rd party apps that you would have to enter your important personal info on? MobileMoney?

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    well, sometimes I enter things into my when I got my rebate code, i typed it into there. Also, I wouldn't want info from my contacts being sent out without my knowledge.
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    Can anyone confirm that all mods are erased with a restore??

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    All the personal data will be erased. You can restore them back from itune though. If you didn't unlock the the iphone to another provider. Nothing will be changed after the restore. However, if you unlock to another provider, something is changed and cannot be recoved. I don't know what but when I unlock my phone more than once, I always get error in one of the AT command when it try to erase something but the second command is ok, and the phone is unlocked. Therefore, I think something is changed and the factory restore didn't erase those bytes our modder changed. This is why the firmware can find out our phone is mod, and unlocked.

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