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Thread: MyWi on ATT or T-Mobile

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    Default MyWi on ATT or T-Mobile
    Hey guys, new to the forum and iphone mania so be easy. I am looking for an inexpensive way to use my iphone3G permanently. I have a couple of options. I previously had it on Tmobile and am paying $90 a month. However the service in my house sucks and the EDGE network sucks too. I recently got an option through work (ATT indirect dealer) to get an ATT dealer line for $20 that includes regular data, not iphone data. The service is much better for talk but right now I have no ATT data package so I cant even go on the internet, seems to be blocked. Is there a way to set up MyWi so that I can get wifi wherever I am, thus not needing the data package? Or If i can set it up and use it on tmobile so that I atleast have wifi 24/7 instead of EDGE? So far I have been unsuccessful setting up MyWi with either sim card in. With Tmobile it wont enable it and with ATT it doesnt find data network. Basically I want to hook my phone to my wireless network at home and use it everywhere I go, even with out my laptop nearby if that is at all possible? Or is MyWi and PDANet mainly for wired or wireless tethering to your laptop? Somehow I must be able to get good service on ATT and 3G data at the same time on my dealer line. Also if none of the above will work can I switch my ESN or IMEI to trick ATT into thinking I am using a regular phone instead of Iphone?



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    MyWi is used for tethering! its used so that you can use a existing DATA service to provide internet to other device..... like I use it so my laptop and desk top get internet FROM my iPhone, thats what its made for... follow me on twitter @Bababooey13

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    Yeah, I think you're slightly confused on what MyWi does. MyWi takes your existing data connection to turn the iPhone into a wifi access point for other devices (laptops, iPod Touches) to use. I don't think there's any way to extend your house's internet access beyond the physical range of the wifi signal, that is, less than a couple hundred feet.

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    Hi. I was wondering if mywi would work on my iPhone 3GS on 4.1 unlocked (baseband 6.15.00) on tmobiles EDGE network. Thanks.

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    if i may, why on earth are you still on 4.1?!!!

    oops! my bad

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