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Thread: Console Package No0obs?

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    Default Console Package No0obs?
    Hey Guys,

    So i've done just about all there is to do as far as unlocking, file/directory managing, emulating, etc for the iphone. Both 2G and 3G/s.

    But theres still the console packages i would like to know more about, and Cydia just gets narky and tells me to basically go away, haha.

    Im assuming that console packages dont have an icon because you execute them from the command line through Mobile Terminal or such, and im guessing that the iphones must have very similiar workings to MAC, which is where my train terminates.

    I've been using Windows since 3.1 (no im not ancient, 24, i just started very early with relos obsolete machines

    I have had a very minimal experience with mac, but i have seen and used Terminal to tweak certain things. I have an eMac with Tiger, that i really never use do to the fact that im an upgrade junkie and prepressed processors in 'Logic' boards dont sit right with me haha. Dont get me wrong, i have more respect for Apple than Microsoft, its just that Windows is a whore i can do anything to.

    After a massive search on Mobile terminal (iphone) terminal commands and a few of the programs i've allready installed into the void of iphone space out of haste, id really like to learn how to execute these programs, and have found little to nothing on the subject.

    If its a select crowd that dont like involving no0obs into the scene i can understand, but if anyone here wants to help me out with some links to information, or some getting started tips, id be most appreciative.


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    Default ....
    83 Views and no ones got anything for me?

    Im either missing the big noob tattoed to my forehead, or no one has any idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty_Z32 View Post
    83 Views and no ones got anything for me?

    Im either missing the big noob tattoed to my forehead, or no one has any idea?
    This is something you would want to learn as you get your network security degree. Way too in depth to explain on here. A good one to get you started though, is called "Top". It will show you what's running and how much CPU, etc it's using. I use it to find Cydia tweaks that are leaking or bugging up my system.

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